Burn Baby Burn B7KK Instructor Survey

From 1 November 2018 onwards, the management and administration of the group classes will be outsourced to Burn Baby Burn studio, which is to be jointly managed by Level Up Fitness and J Dance Studio.

October 2018 is the final month where instructors will be paid per class regardless of how many students. From 1 Nov 2018 onwards, instructors will only be paid on a percentage of revenue generated each class.

All instructors will be paid a flat 40% of the revenue generated from the students in attendance of each class.

The purpose of this survey is for you to let us know what you believe is the appropriate rate to charge your students for the classes you teach at Blue 7.

Burn Baby Burn KK Instructor Survey

  • Something Important to Consider...

  • For reference, Burn Baby Burn rates in Kuching are charged as follows


    After meeting with 5 Platinum Fitness instructors in early Sept 2018, it has been suggested by some instructors that the class rates in Kota Kinabalu shall be the following.


    It is worth noting that other studios in Kota Kinabalu charge around RM10-RM15 for a Zumba or TrainFitness class, and RM12.50-RM25 for a yoga class.

    It is also worth remembering that your existing students may find the above rates expensive. And if they can't afford your classes, they will leave and join other studios offering lower rates.

    Sample Class Rates Of Yoga Studios in KK

    Simply put...

    The more you charge = the more you earn per student = the less likely students can afford your class

    With that in mind, you now have the chance to propose what rates you want to charge for your classes.

    If most instructors' choices are similar, we'll find the middle ground and standardize the rates. If there is great disparity between instructor's choices, we may come up with 2 price categories - one for beginner instructors, and one for more experienced instructors.

    Your feedback is important and confidential. We will not share your feedback with other instructors.

  • How Much Would You Charge Each Student For Your Classes?